Advanced Diagnostics Healthcare

Advanced Diagnostics Healthcare is a specialty clinic which offers interventional radiology care as well as imaging and interpretation. Interventional Radiology is a subspecialty in which procedures are performed using image guidance. This progressive area of medicine strives to care for patients in the most minimally invasive manner, with minimal sedation, while reducing complications and recovery. The interventional radiologist relies on images produced from ultrasound, fluoroscopy, MRI & CT to guide him during the procedures. This process allows us to optimize patient comfort and safety. This facility’s attending doctors are Raj Thakur, M.D. and Steven Lo, M.D.

Location: 8305 Knight Road, Houston, Texas 77054
Phone: 713.450.1118

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What is High Acuity Imaging?

Individualized Critical Illness Care
High Acuity Imaging refers to obtaining a diagnostic imaging examination on patients that are acutely and chronically ill. While diagnostics in this patient population are often of the utmost importance, there is an inherent challenge in obtaining a quality examination on patients that cannot cooperate or follow directions during the exam.

Our multi-specialty team of physicians and experienced staff work together to care for each patient on an individualized basis. We integrate transport with imaging by giving oral prep during transport to decrease time away from the primary facility and provide screening from our call center before the patient leaves.

Many high acuity patients require sedation, helping them cooperate with the examination and eliminate motion; some patients may also require help positioning themselves in a manner that will provide an adequate examination and diagnosis. High acuity patients require various level of monitoring during their examination and may require extra care and attention. High acuity patients require a properly trained team to handle/move the patient within the facility, as many patients are fragile. Radiologists require the experience and expertise to provide a conclusive diagnosis from the imaging conducted, even when patient cooperation is limited.